Overview of Recording

The health care industry is massive, complex and in a state of transformation. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to innovate and create new value.

Whether you work in health IT, biopharma, insurance, a provider organization or in a supporting investing or other professional service field, health care offers significant growth opportunities. At the same time, health care is a unique field, and success in it requires a particular set of skills and perspectives.

To truly create new value in health care, you need a practical and current understanding of the broader ecosystem: What are the newest discoveries in biomedical research? Clinical workflows? Trends in patient-centered care? State-of-the-art treatment for specific diseases? How do doctors make decisions? And how do patient perspectives come into play?

You also need to apply insights on these topics to your day-to-day work, and to strategic priorities, to achieve broader adoption for the products and services your organization creates.

This recording is a dialogue between David H. Roberts, MD, Dean for External Education and Stanley Y. Shaw, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Executive Education. They discuss several of the converging forces impacting health care, and the implications and opportunities for business leaders operating in this industry.

The webinar also provides a preview of the upcoming Harvard Medical School executive program, Inside the Health Care Ecosystem: Strategic Insights for Business Leaders, taking place May 21-24. Previously only offered on a customized basis (participating companies include Google, athenahealth, GE, Amgen and Takeda), this dynamic learning experience is now available to individuals and small teams.

Driving Business Innovation Inside the Health Care Ecosystem Webinar
Drs. Roberts and Shaw discuss Driving Business Innovation Inside the Health Care Ecosystem