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Driving Health Care Strategy: Insights from Inside the Ecosystem

April 28 – 30, 2020; Optional clinical immersion add-on April 27

Program Fee: $4,900; Optional clinical immersion add-on: $1,900

Location: Harvard Medical School, Boston Massachusetts

  • Program Objectives

    By the end of this program, participants from any business sector (in, adjacent to, or impacting health care) will gain insights into the science and practice of medicine, and will be able to:

    • Describe real-world workflows within health care, with particular emphasis on the perspectives of the patient and provider. 
    • Identify challenges faced by all types of stakeholders within these workflows in order to determine solutions to shared problems and inefficiencies.
    • Explain the complex, converging forces shaping the current and future health care ecosystem in the context of the business of health care.
    • Apply new insights and program learnings to day-to-day work, as well as longer-term strategic priorities, to achieve broader adoption for the products and services their organization creates.
  • Curriculum

    Driving Health Care Strategy is an intensive, experiential and interactive learning experience. Participants learn from leading HMS faculty experts while they interact and network with a cohort of professional peers. Classroom sessions are augmented by pre-work and group discussions. The optional clinical immersion offers an exclusive opportunity to experience health care in action.

    Sample subject areas include: 

    Patient Perspectives:

    • Experiences of patients and caregivers
    • How patient experiences reveal unmet clinical needs and inspire avenues for research discovery
    • How patients decide where to seek care 

    Physician Perspectives:

    • The culture of medicine and the patient-doctor interaction
    • How doctors think
    • Real-world workflows and time pressures 
    • Unmet clinical needs
    • Changing makeup of care teams and care coordination

    Digital Health and Analytics:

    • New applications of non-traditional data for real-world evidence
    • Digital health tools for collection of patient-reported outcomes and patient-generated data
    • Applications of machine learning in health care
    •  Increasing access and sharing of health care data via FHIR standards, APIs and apps

    Health Care Economics:

    • Drivers of health care spending increases
    • Emerging paradigms in benefit re-design
    • Consumer engagement and transparency
    • New approaches to drug pricing

    New Trends in Care Delivery:

    • Rethinking where brick and mortar care occurs 
    • Telemedicine approaches that shift care in time and place
    • Perspectives from health care in different contexts, from academic medical centers, to community, to underserved populations
    • Genetics and precision medicine in clinical practice

    Hospital Management: Business of Care:

    • The business and strategy of health care: perspectives from the front lines of leadership
    • Pain points and threats to traditional care delivery models
    • Population health management to maximize value
    • Administrative burden and physician burnout
  • Clinical Immersion

    Gain exclusive exposure to real-world workflows and health care delivery in action through Driving Health Care Strategy’s opt-in immersion experience. This component of the program brings participants into world-leading Harvard teaching hospitals for firsthand observation and access. Due to the lead time necessary to process clearances, the deadline to apply for the clinical immersion experience is January 15, 2020.


  • Who is Right for this Program?

    Driving Health Care Strategy is designed for health care business and science leaders, as well as leaders who are transitioning into the health care field. The program is appropriate for professionals who seek the latest perspectives into this dynamic and complex industry.

    Professionals from the following industry segments will benefit from this program:

    • Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
    • Health IT and digital health
    • Non-clinical leaders of health systems 
    • Health insurance and other payers
    • Professional service firms whose work impacts health care including investing, legal and consulting
  • Program Fee

    Program Dates: April 28-30, 2019; Optional clinical immersion add-on: April 27

    Program Fee: $4,900; Optional clinical immersion add-on $1,900

    Team Discount: 20% discount off core program price for teams of 3 or more. Please contact one of our program advisors to learn more at or 617-432-1538.

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The program will be led by Harvard Medical School faculty who are leaders and distinguished innovators in their fields. Through their research and clinical practice, they possess broad expertise and cutting-edge knowledge. 

The whole program was so representative of the entire health care ecosystem...I’ve worked in health care for over 15 years, but being able to explore how it all fits together in this way amid so many industry changes was transformative. 

Medicare Health Plan CEO, Payer Organization with more than 2 million members

It’s great that there was such a representative group of participants in the room. I learned that when you get past some of the blame game or rigid stances, you can actually be part of the change – and that is what I was hoping to get from the program.